Do you ever wish you could have a redo on your friend list? You know what it's like, one co-worker adds you then the next co-worker adds you...
Or even person you went to high school with adds you then a friend of a friend from high school adds you. The next thing you know, there are an embarrassingly large number of people on your friend list who you actually can't stand. Non-friends if you will. Truth be told, when it comes to those old school contacts, you probably couldn't stand them back then either.

Stupidly, I have always granted full access to everyone right off the bat when they add me on Facebook. So now it feels 'rude' to pull back - to give them limited access to my profile. I have considered casually deleting some of these non-friends but of course, I have a great deal of Facebook-friend-overlap. So if I delete Susie but keep Jane (who work together and are BFFs), it's bound to come up in conversation at some point that I de-friended Susie, right?

Basically...i'm a coward. And because of this cowardice, my non-friend list will continue to grow on Facebook.


Who knew electronic relationships could be so complicated?
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  1. Callista Says:

    I hear ya, a year or two ago I went through and deleted "those people" the ones from highschool you weren't even close with, they added me, never once left a comment or post on a wall or contact...and then a few months later I had most RE-ADD's like they didn't even realized I cut them out, saw me as a friend on a mutual friends pages and though "oh I'll add her to up my friends list"

    I don't get it...I give the people who add me (that I don't know really) a month and if I don't hear from them or get ONE comment somewhere in my profile...delete friend!

    I also have had people who I never knew, they went to the same highschool or know people I knew, add me because I guess they found out I was pregnant/have a baby, and they are too...which I find weird, since I live nowhere near that town anymore, provinces away...and then they actually make conversations...pretty much a stranger, and become a friend.

    Facebook is a weird world, but I am an addict ;) addict to all the mom friends and their adorable baby pictures they post.

  2. GTA Mom Says:

    I'm going to follow your lead. One month to make contact or you're OUT! LOL!
    I'm definitely a sucker for checking out photos too...
    Some people are just more aggressive 'friend seekers' than others, I guess. I'm quite comfy cosy with my humble list of 150ish :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Just be real and delete them! To many people on FB just want to see how many friends they can have.
    Honestly, I think FB is silly. I just joined 3 months ago just to network.Now I just let my wife
    handle things for me most of the time.
    Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Your baby boy is very handsome.

  4. GTA Mom Says:

    Thanks Paul :)
    I've been downsizing my FB...liberating ;) hehe

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