Swollen ankles, stretch marks, acne, limp hair, mood swings, morning sickness, weight gain, itchy stretching skin, aching back, sun spots... Sounds sexy, right?

Pregnancy is no joke. It's hard on the body and emotionally exhausting. We all know that the prize at the end of the journey is all worth it (once they start sleeping through the night) but that doesn't change the fact that carrying a baby for 40+ weeks is hard work. Doing it and looking good is even tougher.

Here are some tips to get you through your pregnancy with grace and style:
  1. Limit your time in Motherhood and Thyme. Seriously. Every time I stepped foot in those stores I left feeling enormous and frumpy. Buy some of your staples there (e.g. black pants, black skirt, some tanks and t-shirts) but save your pennies for some more stylish maternity clothes. Ebay...Ebay...Ebay is the way to go!! Keep your eyes peeled for some of the following brand names: Olian, Maternal America, Juicy Couture Maternity, Isabella Oliver, Ed Hardy, Nicole Richie, Belabumbum, Chiarakruza, Japanese Weekend, Juliet Dream, Michael Stars Maternity, Momzee Maternity.
  2. Invest in some designer maternity jeans. You will wear these throughout your pregnancy and for at least a couple of months after you have the baby too. Well worth the investment. Again...search Ebay for some significant deals. You'll want to search for the following brands: 7 For All Mankind, Citizen's of Humanity, Paige Premium, Rock and Republic, Joes, Chip & Pepper, Lucky, Hudson.
  3. Get pampered! Keep up on hair appointments, massage treatments, manicures and pedicures.
  4. Go for a make-up consult. Your skin changes when you're pregnant. Visit a Mac counter and see what they can recommend for you.
  5. Stay moisturized. We all know that stretch marks are genetic but it still feels nice to keep that itchy and stretching skin well hydrated.
  6. Drink lots of water and eat clean. Try your best to avoid binge eating :)
  7. Invest in a bella band.
  8. Get into the gym regularly. Continue modified weight training.
  9. Avoid the sweat pant and stretch pants trap. Nothing will make you feel frumpier than staying in your joggers 24-7.
  10. Work on your photo pose.
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