So I recently came across this video and fell in love.


Singing Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.

His confidence is incredible. There doesn't appear to be an insecure or self doubting bone in his body. I don't think I can even remember a time when I felt so spirited and free. Like so many precious things in life, that unbridled courage and assurance is usually wasted on the young.

I watched the video a couple of times and each time it spread a huge grin over my face. The browning produce microphone, the Dad walking by in his banana hammock, the Mom's giggle, and Timmy....passionate, flamboyant Timmy. 

Then I scrolled down and started to read some of the comments (double click on the video above to bring you to You Tube)


I guess you're bound to get some douche bags who will comment. I continued to scroll through page after page of comments. Wow. I'm completely blown away at some of the hateful comments that people are leaving for this boy. I guess the anonymity of the internet makes people forget that he's JUST.A.KID.

Sad. I feel like i'm witnessing what will likely be the end of Timmy's fearless, and spunky self assurance.

The world aint easy.
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  1. Callista Says:

    I didn't read the comments...but people are just plain mean :( this kid melts my heart. My sister and I loved singing and dancing to the camera as kids...and teenagers lol

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