I've mentioned before that DS is now into everything. He crawls, he cruises, he stands, he climbs, he pulls large things down on top of himself...you get the idea. Each day I witness at least 2-3 bumps and bruises. He's sporting a particularly nice bump and bruise under his eye today after falling and landing face first on his Baby Laptop.

Throw in the fact that our house is absolutely positively not child friendly. We've got pieces like the one below that are so heavy that I can barely lift them. You can well imagine what might happen if DS tried to climb up on it. Notice its precarious balance on the stand:

We've got this lovely booze cart with sharp metal angles to contend with (a personal favourite of D's to pull himself up on):

And this equally pointy glass shelf that is within our little guy's grasp...can't say I blame him...it's the perfect hight for standing! Pictures don't do those razor sharp corners justice. Notice how everything is pushed onto the higher shelves for safe keeping?

And the little guy's all-time favourite glass table that toppled over seconds after I took these photos:

Oh...I can't forget about these ever so stylish stainless steel stools in the kitchen that our boy is fixated on. Lots of sharp edges to have fun with there!

Ahem. And that's just one room.  Can you tell we built and furnished this place before we had a baby? Don't worry...we're moving in a few weeks and none of these death traps are coming with us.

So when you have a very busy and mobile little boy who doesn't really understand what they heck Mom is talking about when she keeps saying "NO!!" or "DON'T TOUCH!" or "GASP....OH MY GOD...NO!!" to everything he comes into contact with it makes for awfully long days for Mom and frustrating moments for Baby.

Until Thursday.

The sun was shining and the day was warm. So I laid out a blanket in the backyard and brought out some of DS's favourite toys. "I'll outsmart you, kid" ran through my mind. There isn't anything at all he can get himself into outside!! It's like his own personal, padded playground!! Without the swings or slides or any of that other dangerous stuff.

Little did I know just how right I was! The second I brought DS out and laid him on the blanket he flipped over and looked around, eager to see what kind of trouble he could get himself into. He lunged out onto the grass with his usual confident stride and stopped dead in his tracks when he realized he was on...the....grass!! Not the ceramic tiles, not the carpet...but the GRASS!!

And he promptly began to scream.

Apparently babies loathe the feel of grass on their hands and feet. Who knew?

He scampered back to his safe zone on the blanket. We spent the next glorious 45 minutes shamelessly sprawled out (ok, I was sprawled out, DS was playing) on the blanket. D played with his toys while nervously checking every few minutes to make sure that the grass wasn't going to 'come and get him' again.



Tomorrow I'm going to plant some grass seed in my living room.
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  1. the food Says:

    The dude's definition of "baby proofed" is that the baby won't break it...

    Enjoy your outside time :)

  2. Theta Mom Says:

    We try to think of it all, and they manage to sneak in anyway - what a cutie pie!

    And thanks so much for visiting Theta Mom!

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