Chocolate? Trashy novels? Celeb gossip? Shoes?

Guilty pleasures! The delicious, indulgent treats that make our days sweet!

Here are a few of mine...

1) Online shopping: Probably my most favourite way to waste time. Paypal and I have been buddies for years now. If I told you how excited I get to receive packages in the mail you'd likely be embarrassed for me.

2) Cold Stone Creamery: The first time I tasted this was in L.A. It is quite possibly the finest thing that has ever stepped foot in my mouth.

3) Harry Potter: I know i'm too old to be watching. But I don't care. I also cried (sobbed) when Dumbledore was killed.

4) Sushi: Carbs, carbs and more carbs!!! I love sushi rolls :)

5) Disturbing horror movies: Saw, Hostel, that sorta stuff. Every time I watch a new Saw movie i'm disgusted with myself for enjoying such filth.

6) Chocolate milk: I could easily have this as my only beverage. Love the drink, hate the calories.

7) Taking a bath and a shower at the same time: I love laying in the tub (while it's filling up) and watching the shower fall down on me. When the tub fills up, I drain it and start over. Indulgent AND wasteful!

8) Dominoes Cracker Crust pizza: Feta cheese, chicken and green peppers. I could eat this daily.

9) Napping when DS naps: There are days when I climb back into bed and catch another 30 mins of sleep while DS is napping. I know I should be doing other things, but the lure of the bed is too strong for me.

10) Forums, blogs and all things cyber: I spend way too much time online. I'm like a junkie. Sometimes I even dream about surfing.

Ok, your turn!!!
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3 Responses
  1. Theta Mom Says:

    Chocolate and sushi - yes!!!

  2. the food Says:

    luxuriously long baths
    snuggle time with my sleeping baby
    chick lit
    project runway

  3. Nicole Says:

    Snuggles with my DD
    Club Soda - I could drink it by the gallon (Weird, I know!)
    Facebook, forums and blogging
    Reality TV shows
    Long baths
    Sushi - I wish I could go out for it more often then I do... But DH hates it! Boo!!!

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